Standardizing and automating outpatient communication

MedAux delivers bite-size instructions, surveys, and reminders through automated text-message to help your patients prepare and recover from their surgery.

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About MedAux

MedAux interacts with patients through automated text-message, navigates them at various stages of care, while providing real-time clinical data.

Proven to reduce late-cancellations and no-shows while improving postoperative recovery.

MedAux Value Proposition

  • Optimizing patients care pre-operation
  • Enhancing post-operative recovery
  • Monitoring at-risk patients post-discharge
  • Increasing patient satisfaction
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Automated text messages

No app to download, no account verification, no logins.

Undisrupted Workflow

Zero change in clinical workflow. Business as usual, but better.


Using AI to determine best engagement method for each patient.

Family support

Patients can add family members or caregivers for additional assistance.


Patients receive programs in their preferred language.

Optional EHR/EMR integration

We can launch with or without EMR integration in 2-3 weeks.


Customers Feedback

Kimberley E. Steele, MD, Ph.D., FACS, FASMBS,Associate Professor of Surgery, Director of the Johns Hopkins Adolescent Bariatric Surgery Program, Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Bariatric Research and Innovation

I believe that such a platform is so timely in an era of health care costs rising and further quality measures based on outcomes being so important. One can only imagine the extent of how a tool like this can make such a difference in the care of any surgical patient. More so, I believe that such a platform can also be an absolute benefit to other medical disciplines as well. My husband, who specializes in internal medicine and sub-specializes in hypertension, would welcome such a platform to monitor his patient’s medication compliance and remind his patients of the importance of taking their medications as directed. 

Dr. Hany Takla, Middlesex Surgical Associates MA, USA

I had a great experience with MedAux. My patients loved it, they like the reminders and someone sending them a text msg to check on them postop. They felt that they are well cared for every day before and after their surgery. Medaux gave personalized care to each of my patients based on the specific type of surgery they had. The Medaux team is very helpful and supportive. They have available IT support around the clock and trained my staff to use the program. They also helped with legal paperwork and cost of the program to make it affordable for my practice. Great tool and a great team!” 

Lauren Rhoden, Operations Analyst at New York Bariatric Group

Behzad, and the MedAux team have been wonderful from the start! They are willing and ready to perform training whenever needed or answer any questions that the NYBG team may have not to mention their product is amazing our patient rave about it. The constantly provide feedback stating the program makes them feel well informed and it is easy to use.


Partnering with top healthcare systems around the nation

MedAux is helping hospitals to recover lost revenue and improve workflow efficiency.

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HIPAA Compliant

Rigorous 3rd party security and compliance validation

Rapid Customization

Customizable algorithms to match your current protocols

Easy for your IT team

EMR integration is completely optional and we can launch with or without IT involvement.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many of my patients can you actually reach?

We intentionally went low-tech and chose text message as our solution. There is no app to download, no logins, no account verification. As a result, we have been able to reach 96% of our patients.

How do you collect data outside our EMR?

If you want to use MedAux as a standalone solution, all data is provided in real-time through a secure file and you get notification when a patient needs assistance.

What do you need from our end to start using MedAux?

We provide you a template of our current follow-up program, you put comments on how you want to modify it based on your protocols. We design the algorithms for you.

Can you customize the platform based on my protocols?

MedAux platform is fully customizable, you can upload your own videos, surveys and reminders. You can design longitudinal follow up programs with customizable time intervals to match your current protocols. We work closely with you in designing, customizing, and deploying the MedAux follow up program.

Can you deploy MedAux without interrupting my workflow?

MedAux is fully automated with no change in your current workflow or any burden on the clinical staff.

Can you cover languages other than English?

Yes. We can cover multiple languages.



Jun 2, 2019

Journal of Medical Internet Research

A Mobile Health Intervention for Prostate Biopsy Patients Reduces Appointment Cancellations: Cohort Study

March 29, 2019

New Medical Text Messaging System Gets Green Light to Develop in Louisiana

A high-tech company called Medaux has won the 2019 New Orleans Health Innovation Challenge with its text messaging system that tracks patients before, during and after doctor visits and medical procedures.

February 19, 2019

MedAux Platform: Winner of the Healthcare Entrepreneurship Community Challenge

Hofstra University was hosting its second Healthcare Entrepreneurship Community Challenge. The topic was “creating wellness,” and the aim was to find ideas that address “nontraditional” factors that contribute to overall wellness.